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Christoph Broich new blog

Christoph Broich started a blog
you can find there all his news, activities, projects, exhibitions etc....

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Walter Siemons

Antwerp based artist Walter Siemons introduced his new website
his specialties are acrylic paintings, silkscreen prints, photography and handmade small editions
Siemons Bravo
"Bravo! "   Acrylic on paper, 56 x 76 cm

Walter Siemons Muilkorf
b/w photograph from the series "muilkorf"

Siemons Bourgeoise
pages 7/8 from "la bourgeoise de calais" silkscreened limited edition, 2005

More info: www.waltersiemons.com



From now on look at our new blog:



for fromer articles see "archief per maand" in the right column

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