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Vrijdag / Friday                       22/10    10.00 - 18.00
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Woensdag / Wednesday       27/10    10.00 - 18.00
Donderdag / Thursday           28/10    10.00 - 18.00
Vrijdag / Friday                       29/10   10.00 - 18.00
Zaterdag / Saturday               30/10    10.00 - 18.00

Helmstraat 139
2140 Antwerpen
phone: +32-(0)3-235.58.56





video of Broich's exhibition in St.Petersburg


check out the video


Christoph Broich in the Russian News

TV100 reports about Christoph Broichs exhibitiopn in Saint Petersburg "The Girl who sold her Soul to the Devil and won"



Loft Project ETAGI

Christoph Broich arrived at Loft Project ETAGI in St. Petersburg


The main entrance


Ligowski Prospekt



The building



The stairway - ETAGI = stairs


Christoph Broich in the russian magazine HOOLIGAN

Hooligan - Cover041


Hooligan - Christoph B043


publication of Christoph Broich in DOMUS

we are proud to find Christoph Broich again in russian quality magazines:

DOMUS - one of Russia's leading magazines for architecture

Domus 10 - 09 cover

Domus 10 - 09 Broich


Christoph Broich in DOMOVOI


Domovoi 10 - 09 cover

Domovoi 10 - 09 Broich


publication Christoph Broich in Dom Interieur

Dom i Interieur 10 - 09 cover

Dom i Interieur 10 -09 Broich


Christoph Broich in AFICHA

Afisha 10 - 09 cover

Afisha 10 - 09 announcement

Afisha 10 - 09 listing


Moscow Biennale

it's just confirmed

Christoph Broich is included to the Special Project Program of the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art with a solo-exhibition at Dom Spiridonow




still running till july 26

Christoph Broich @ the Chicago History Museum

render Chicago suntimes

press: Chicago Suntimes about the esposed outfit of Christoph Broich given by Gillion Carrara


She is: Director of the Fashion Resource Center at the School for the Art Institute.

She donated: An afternoon ensemble by German-born designer Christoph Broich.

What attracted her to the dress: I fell in love with it because of the way it was constructed. He took white cloth and used pins to create pockets, sleeves and pleats. He steamed the garment flat and then silk screened it black. When he removed the pins, the fabric fell open to reveal areas of white. He created a pattern by concealing part of it. Those who don't love avant-garde think it's strange. Those who do, love it.

Parting with a prized possession: I wore it so much, I finally thought 'OK, people have seen me in that uniform of mine, let's give it up.' 

more: http://mobile.suntimes.com/suntimes

logo Chicago History Mu

a nice link from the Chicago History Museum:

how to pronounce the names 
e.g. Christoph Broich: Kree-stoff  Broish (same oi as in ‘coin’)

for other click:  http://blog.chicagohistory.org/index.php/2008/10/what-a-m...

logo Timeout Chicago

TIMEOUT Chicago:

“A testimony of the Dutch deconstruction aesthetic of the ’90s and today.”
The dress Silk crepe two-piece ensemble created by Belgian designer Christoph Broich in 2004
The woman Gillion Carrara, professor and director of the School of the Art Institute’s Fashion Resource Center
Where she wore it The Carrie Donovan look-alike wore this everywhere, from dinner and fashion shows to teaching classes.



all info about the exhibition: http://chicagohistory.org/planavisit/exhibitions/chic-chi...



Christoph Broich @ Espace Inkermann


Friday 20 February 2009 from 6 pm to 10 pm











"6 little Tees"




"Voluptuous Panic III"

21 February - 28 February 2009
10 am - 7 pm (open all days)

on appointment:
1 -20 March 2009
Espace Inkermann
31, rue Inkermann
59000 Lille (France)
Tél : +33 (0)3 20 12 01 68

more info:
RED FISH FACTORY (RED FISH bvba)  Helmstraat 139   2140 Antwerp   Belgium   tel. +32-3-235 58 56   fax +32-3-235 94 42
office@redfishfactory.com   www.redfishfactory.com



Voluptuous Panic @ Benedengalerie

Christoph Broich's 'Voluptuous Panic' at Benedengalerie, Kortrijk

exhibition 10/10/08 till 16/11/08 - from Friday through Sunday 2 pm - 5 pm
Benedengalerie van De Kortrijkse Schouwburg, Hazelaarstraat 7, 8500 Kortrijk (Courtrai)







Futurotextiel 08

Impressions from Futurotextiel 08

exhibition 9/10/08 till 07/12/08
hall NMBS Magdalenastraat, Kortrijk (Courtrai), Belgium

Christoph Broich talks about Futurotextiel with Kirsten Lemaire on Studio Brussels: http://www.stubru.be/node/69106



Max Streicher "Silenus"


in the background: Devorah Sperber "After van Eyck"


left Christoph Broich "Dt", right Berlinde De Bruyckere "C.Reybrouck"




work of Christoph Broich in the background




Christoph Broich, Berlinde De Bruyckere in the middle, installation of Arne Quinze in the back


artist lost in space (in "La Parole" by Pablo Reinoso)



dress (left) and men's outfit (middle) by Pierre Cardin, "Dress No.1" by Christoph Broich in the background


photograph of "Livelihood Rainbow an installation by Sisley Xhafa in front the famous Broeltowers in Kortrijk


walls made from bales of fibres, in the middle: Alain Germain "Moteur Vulcain d'Ariane 5"


selfknitting lamp



Opening futurARTextiel at Broelmuseum

9 October through 7 December 2008

Christoph Broich @ futurARTextiel . Broelmuseum: Broelkaai 6, Kortrijk, Belgium


work of Christoph Broich at
the wall, Ernesto Neto on the floor, 


from left to right: Berlinde DeBruyckere, Louise Bourgois, Erwin Wurm, Leo Copers, Ken Kagami


Daniel Buren

left Maen Florin "groen figuurtje" ,right Berlinde De Bruyckere "kinderbedje"

the exhibition shows works for which textiles were choosen either as medium or as motif. The artists are: Berlinde De Bruyckere, Christoph Broich, Leo Copers, Lili Dujourie, Cindy Wright, Wim Delvoye, Maen Florin en Guy Mees and Stefaan Annerel from Belgium and Daniël Buren, Paul Mc Carthy, Louise Bourgeois, Richard Deacon, Joseph Havel, Sergei Jensen, Ernesto Neto, Tabata, Francesco Vezzoli, John Bock, Erwin Wurm and Sisley Xhafa from abroad.




envoy enterprises is proud to announce that from 9 October through 7 December 2008, Christoph Broich’s work can be seen at the Broelmuseum in Kortrijk, Belgium, alongside the work of Berlinde De Bruyckere, Daniel Buren, Louise Bourgeois, Leo Copers, Paul McCarthy, Erwin Wurm, Sisley Xhafa …

futurARTextiel . Broelmuseum: Broelkaai 6, Kortrijk, Belgium
9.oct - 7 dec, Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 12 pm and 2 pm - 5 pm, Saturday - Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

Simultaneously, the artist’s work can be seen at Hall NMBS. The works of Christoph Broich are presented in the 'protection and art' section of the exhibition. Some of the pieces were taken from 'Dt', a project involving New York artist Jimi Dams. 'Dt' focusses on the nakedness of the artist, in this case Jimi Dams, who had to remove the clothes that protected him from the outside world. These clothes were then worked into the artworks of Christoph Broich.

Futurotextiel 08: protection and art . Hall NMBS, Magdalenastraat, Kortrijk, Belgium
9.oct - 7 dec, Tuesday – Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm, during Interieur 08, 17-26 october: 10 am - 9 pm, closed on Mondays

A solo exhibition with Broich’s Voluptuous Panic, previously shown at envoy, New York and Galerie Griesmar&Tamer, Paris, will be exhibited from 10 October through 2 November 2008 at Benedengalerie.

BENEDENGALERIE van De Kortrijkse Schouwburg, Hazelaarstraat 7, Kortrijk, Belgium
10 Oct 08 - 2 Nov 08, from Friday through Sunday 2 pm - 5pm

And to conclude Christoph Broich’s extra-muros exhibitions, don’t miss his piece in the Chic Chicago exhibition at the Chicago History Museum.
September 27, 2008, through July 26, 2009



sex and the city

Christoph Broich sunglasses in 'Sex and The City - The Movie'

mobydickIn the summer’s hit film 'Sex And The City – The Movie', the flamboyant and successful PR-agent Samantha Jones, played by the fabulous Kim Cattrall, wears 'Moby Dick' - sunglasses designed by Chrsitoph Broich and produced by Belgian eyewear brand Theo. The ultra lightweight Mobydick’s with titanium frames is hallmarked with Broich's typical brandmark - a safety pin.


BorgerhART 2008   OPEN ATELIERS: Saturday 13|9 and Sunday 14|9 from 11am till 6pm
Christoph Broich presents his artistic work during one weekend in his atelier @ Red Fish Factory.

more than 60 artists, based in the distrcit Borgerhout (close to the center of Antwerp) take part at an artists route. Visitors receive a map at the overview exhibition in "De Roma", Turnhoutsebaan 286, where the openings ceremony will take part on Friday 12|9 from 7.30pm till 12pm




10 | Red Fish Factory, Helmstraat 139

De laatste drie jaren kreeg Crhistoph Broich heel wat internationale aandacht met
zijn sculpturale installaties die staan voor gerichte sensitiviteit naar het lichaam en
sterfelijkheid. Zijn werk is een manifestatie van de complexe en onrustige correlatie
tussen leven en werk, materiaal en concept. Nadat de New York Times hem tot de
beste artiest benoemde met ‘The girl who sold her soul to the devil and won’ (geïnspireerd door en gepresenteerd met Amanda Lear) en tentoongesteld in de galerij Envoy (New York, 2006) ging Broich verder met het exposeren van dit werk, onder eensgezinde toejuiching. Zo verscheen het werk bijvoorbeeld ook op de Slick Art Fair te Parijs. Le Monde gaf een lovende kritiek. In 2007 toonde de kunstenaar ‘Voluptuous Panic’ in galerij Envoy en galerij Griesmar-Tamer (in het huis van Molière) te Parijs.

Christoph Broich
Helmstraat 139
2140 Borgerhout
tel. 03 235 58 56

LARA (latex, tarlatan, oude kant en stof, 100 x 280 x 50 cm) LARA (latex, tarlatan, oude kant en stof, 100 x 280 x 50 cm)


permanent stocksales


ann demeulemeester
christoph broich
stephan schneider
bruno pieters
a.f. vandevorst
tim van steenbergen
raf simons

depot Pierre
stocksales Belgian fashion
turnhoutsebaan 168 b   mol
every wednesday, friday, saturday
from 2 pm. - 6 pm.  and on appointment
t 014 318657
m 0472320160


Das Ding

Today is the last day of 'nomansland' at Verbeke Foundation
the pieces of Christoph Broich will remain for some more days and will be removed piece by piece. But for everybody who didn't have the chance to see the exhibition we upload some mini-vids as an online-exhibition.
first: Das Ding (engl.: the thing)
composition of 50 steel tubes (2,80 meters each and all with the same bend)
Christoph Broich developped the piece as an environment to use as seat and lie down area.  The work is still under construction. It will be continued in the space of Red Fish Factory during the next weeks. 



last days T.A.A.T.T.I. in Paris

take the last chance 

Christoph Broich shows at galerie Griesmar-Tamer in Paris untill February 16th

40, rue de Richelieu
75001 Paris (metro Palais Royal - Louvre)


Voloptuous Panic is the sixth and last room. Inspired by Weimar bacchanalia, (the title is taken from Mel Gordon's book on Weimar Berlin,) Christoph Broich‘s curious manipulated, sculpted elements populate a weirdly decadent environment. Suspended from the ceiling and spatially isolated through perspectival techniques, Broich’s skinned sculptures focus on deterioration and present the reversal of the natural process: skin and flesh decomposing first and the skeleton remaining.

click here see more pics 



TAATTII - Voluptuous Panic

Christoph Broich shows at galerie Griesmar-Tamer in Paris
the exhibition is still running until february 16th
40, rue de Richelieu
75001 Paris (metro Palais Royal - Louvre)


galerie Griesmar Tamer in the house of Molière

contibution of Christoph Broich to the Schopenhauer quotes











envoy visits Griesmar&Tamer
10 January 2008 - 16 Fenruary 2008 . Tue thru Sat 11-6

Envoy is happy to announce its visit to Griesmar&Tamer gallery, with a group show and five solo exhibitions that are curated around the theme of the appearance and the thing in itself.

TAATTII is the abbreviation for “The Appearance And The Thing In Itself.” It is a playful reference to TATI, Schopenhauer's comments on Kant's philosophy and the way art (the thing in itself) is interpreted (appearance).
"As it appears" and "In itself" are two ways of looking at "art." In six rooms, a play on the appearance and the thing itself is played out.

In the first room , named Arthur, each artist represented by envoy, is presented with a piece that was created in response to one of five provided quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer.
The second room Darling Companion presents sister exhibitions by James J. Williams III, What Does Darling Mean to Your? and As They Appear Upon Dissection. The works in Darling are studies in relationship power struggles, sadism, healing through bleeding, loving, fucking, and losing our everything. Dissection is the addendum to Darling. It is mourning. It is clear and concise and gilded and black and empties itself as sacrifice to something or someone bigger.
In Rafi, the third room, Raphaël Neal skillfully introduces the uncanny—whether it is an unexpected criminality or a haunting presence—into the mundane everyday and its subtly shifting perspectives. It‘s a direct account of youthful lives unfolding against a rugged landscape in which a strange tenderness is being omitted. Neal is a subtle observer of the ebb and flow of desire and its influence on the sexual dynamics flowing between people.
The fourth room, named Nothing, contains Michael Yinger’s installation "all I know is that I don't know nothin’,” a personalized map of the United States, a summary of everything in one that is about all the trials and tribulations, intense over-analyzing and complete inventory of a persons core being.
The work of Donatien Veismann occupies the fifth room, named Tomato-Ketchup Emperor. The name of the room refers to the 1970 Shuji Terayama movie "Emperor Tomato-Ketchup," in which children take over the power and turn the world into a huge dictatorship. It also refers to the artist’s obsession with Ronald McDonald, the Ketchup clown who, in the artist’s opinion, crystallizes many things: both ideal and scary he is a modern icon, a philosopher with a spider smile ,the symbol of consumption society, ...
Voloptuous Panic is the sixth and last room. Inspired by Weimar bacchanalia, (the title is taken from Mel Gordon's book on Weimar Berlin,) Christoph Broich‘s curious manipulated, sculpted elements populate a weirdly decadent environment. Suspended from the ceiling and spatially isolated through perspectival techniques, Broich’s skinned sculptures focus on deterioration and present the reversal of the natural process: skin and flesh decomposing first and the skeleton remaining.


Now that you have been fed the appearance, it is up to you to look at the things in itself.




the polaroids of Christoph Broich's "Lara Wo bist du" at Unisex Salon, New York

performence at 'The Delancey' (168 Delancey btw Clinton and Attorney) July 5th


pictures from the exhibition of Christoph Broich at gallery Envoy, New York


Christoph Broich 'Voluptuous Panic'
5 July thru 4 August 2007 Tue thru Sat 11-6
envoy . 131 Chrystie Street . New York . NY 10002 . 212.226.4555 .



















 Christoph Broich, 'Voluptuous Panic' at Envoy, New York

5 July thru 4 August 2007 Tue thru Sat 11-6

Over the past two years, Christoph Broich has received international attention with sculptural installations that have come to stand for a willful sensitivity to the body and mortality. His work is a manifestation of the complex and unquiet correlation between life and work, material and concept.

In his Kopf (Head) series, the artist successfully expands his visual vocabulary by creating a cohesive environment around a single element, the head. Cut up iconic items of clothing and fabric are collaged onto busts and then painted with several coats of latex. Upon completion, as with all of Broich’s meticulously made sculptures, the bust is destroyed and the shell (skin) is all that remains. Broich’s skinned sculptures focus on deterioration and present the reversal of the natural process: skin and flesh decomposing first and the skeleton remaining. Suspended from the ceiling, the heads create an eerie field of beheaded individuals.

Inspired by Weimar bacchanalia, his most recent work, Voluptuous Panic (the title is taken from Mel Gordon's book on Weimar Berlin), invites the viewer to become part of the action. Understanding the importance of absence as well as presence in the deployment of his sculpted elements within a real space, Broich proves to be a master at orchestration and placement.

Spatially isolated through perspectival techniques, curious manipulated, cast characters populate the weirdly decadent environment. The choice of mannequins, empty, non-threatening 'everyone' figures is deliberate, its effect one of alienation.

Choreographed single and multiple groups of characters, seated or lying on the counter of a bar or nightclub, are enmeshed in an emotional confrontation with an unspecified narrative. At one end of the counter, a protagonist’s Siamese body curves back in spontaneous recoil. Each posture and gesture suggesting urgency and concern, tension and empathy. At the other end, a figure leans forward, as if wanting to move out of the drama, but its inability to move seems to frustrate the desire to act. All of the characters in Voluptuous Panic sustain a bland look. They stare into emptiness as they lean on enigmatic moments frozen in space and time, a singular, inexplicable silent moment.


Christoph Broich was born in Stadt Blankenberg, Germany. He graduated from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium in 1994. The artist had his first exhibition at envoy with “Never Mind The Bollocks: Here’s Amanda Lear,” in April 2006. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York. (text: Enoy)


Lara, wo bist du, a video and performance project that started in 1993 will be featured at Unisex Salon at the Delancey on July 5th. Check http://envoy.typepad.com/ for details.


envoy . 131 Chrystie Street . New York . NY 10002 . 212.226.4555 . www.envoygallery.com


Christoph Broich, solo exhibition at Envoy, New York

Broich le poster


East Village / Lower East Side

131 Chrystie Street
July 5 - August 4, 2007
Opening: Thursday, July 5, 6:00PM - 8:00PM


Christoph Broich new blog

Christoph Broich started a blog
you can find there all his news, activities, projects, exhibitions etc....

cb weblog logo



Wouter Van Bellingen and his very own way to fight racism

Yesterday black civil state alderman Wouter Van Bellingen married more than 700 couples in a symbolic ceremonie. The couples wanted to demonstrate that they stand behind the alderman, who was refused by 3 white couples last year for racistic reasons.


'Good Luck' for the couples and 'Chapeau' for Wouter Van Bellingen


Van Bellingen DS


and have a look at his glasses: he wears a "Mantaray" by Christoph Broich


Van Bellingen


press clipping: De Standaard (one of the Belgian leading newspapers)


galerie S&S

in september Christoph Broich will exhibit in galerie S&S
address: Gijsselsstraat  60, 2140 Borgerhout - Antwerpen, Belgium