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The Girl Who Sold Her Soul To The Devil And Won


19 February thru 4 April 2010

Christoph Broich presents a selection of his work in one of the most exiting venues for contemporary art in St Petersburg today – Loft Project – ETAGI . Broich is best known as an artist for his impressive sculptural installations which take the form of casts or ‘skins’. Steering away from the much-hyped confluence of art and fashion in recent years, Broich’s artwork has received international attention for his ‘Lara’ series as well as his impressive “The Girl Who Sold Her Soul To The Devil And Won”

Before turning to contemporary art, Christoph was an internationally renowned fashion designer. He graduated from the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts and has resided in Belgium’s cultural capital ever since. Christoph Broich has received international attention with sculptural installations that have come to stand for a willful sensitivity to the body and mortality. His work is a manifestation of the complex and unquiet correlation between life and work, material and concept.

In his Kopf (Head) series, the artist successfully expands his visual vocabulary by creating a cohesive environment around a single element, the head. Cut up iconic items of clothing and fabric are collaged onto busts and then painted with several coats of latex. Upon completion, as with all of Broich’s meticulously made sculptures, the bust is destroyed and the shell (skin) is all that remains.

Broich’s skinned sculptures focus on deterioration and present the reversal of the natural process: skin and flesh decomposing first and the skeleton remaining. Suspended from the ceiling, the heads create an eerie field of beheaded individuals.

Inspired by the Weimar bacchanalia, “Voluptuous Panic” invites the viewer to become part of the action. Understanding the importance of absence as well as presence in the deployment of his sculpted elements within a real space, Broich proves to be a master at orchestration and placement.

Spatially isolated through perspective techniques, curious manipulated, cast characters populate the weirdly decadent environment. The choice of mannequins, empty, non-threatening ‘everyone’ figures is deliberate, its effect one of alienation. All of the characters in Voluptuous Panic sustain a bland look. They stare into emptiness as they lean on enigmatic moments frozen in space and time, a singular, inexplicable silent moment.

The piece “The Girl Who Sold Her Soul To The Devil And Won” is dedicated to Amanda Lear and her album “Sweet Revenge”. Amanda Lear started her career as a model in the mid 1960s and was also the muse of Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalií. She first came to the public’s attention as the fetish clad model on the cover of Roxy Music’s album For Your Pleasure in 1973. She was a multimillion selling Disco Queen from the mid 70s to the early 80s. As from the mid 80s she positioned herself as one of the leading media personalities in mainland Europe, especially in Italy and in France. Since the 1990s her time has been divided between music, television, writing and movies as well as pursuing her career as a painter.

Loft Project ETAGI is a pioneer of loft-design in the city of St. Petersburg. Since 2007 ETAGI (which means “floors”) has been located in the very centre of the city in an industrial building of previous property of Smolninskiy bakery factory. The interior of the old factory was preserved in many elements, like concrete pillars with metal edges, a drilling machine and equipment for baking bread; and some designer features were added (the original factory floor of cast iron blocks with bright red joints and glass windows in it), as well as some luxury trimming, antique furniture and snazzy details.

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The Girl Who Sold Her Soul To The Devil And Won

Loft Project - ETAGI | Ligovsky per. 74
St. Petersburg - Russia | +7 812 334 98 36 | info@loftpro

Director | Sandra Vermuyten | sandra@boomboompr.com | +7 916 193 76 81
PR-manager | Elena Fatenkova | elena@boomboompr.com | +7 926 350 33 81

ART-CENTRE INDEPENDENT PLAZA | Bolshoy Drovyanoy per. 20, bld.2 | Moscow – Russia | +7 495 698 04 09 | info@boomboompr.com

www.christophbroich.comww.boowmboompr.com | www.loftprojectetagi.ru | www.envoyenterprises.com


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Christoph Broich @ Loftproject, St. Petersburg

Broich at Loftproject

CHRISTOPH BROICH . 19 February thru 4 April 2010

This is the artist's first solo exhibition in Saint-Petersburg in the Russian Federation


Loft Project . Ligovsky pr., 74 . Saint-Petersburg, 191 040 . every day 2-10pm . +7.812.458.5005


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A New Printing Machine

for the Red Fish Factory 2010 started with a new printing machine.
big worries, sleepless nights, full manpower, 2 big trucks, 2 fork lifts, paying out a new cable to the municipal nuclear power plant,... and here we are:

Red Fish Factory will be able to do the printing in its own rooms, finally!

Loading at CB-Sport in Heist op den Berg

arrival in Antwerp


fitting into the gate

only 1,5 cm (0.6 inch) left on each side

the second fork lift pulls from inside

in the patio wew had to deconstruct the machine (depart the upper part from the main part)IMG_5793

the upper part with the electronics and the printing plate had to wait between our plants... fortunatley it didn't snow for some hours!

now we were able to take the second gate

inside we had to turn around...

lifting up the upper part

trying to get it through the second gate diagonally


... and fitting it to the mainpart again on its final place.

JIPPIE ! ! ! champagne with the (red) fish!


Happy 2010

late as allways:

we wish you a fabulous, happy new year ! ! ! ! !