WOLVEN - a fiction series from the first Flemish TV-station

The Day After

the filmteam worked till the early morning. Later the team of Pascale, JP, and Wieslaw took out the stage properties, we cared for the cleaning...

.... and everything is empty again

except the patio

if you are looking for more information about wolven in:
De rode loper (dutch)
or Gazet van Antwerpen www.gva.be 

leading parts:
Axel Daeseleire ('Flikken', 'Kinderen van Dewindt', 'De hel van Tanger', 'De SM-rechter'), Lotte Pinoy ('De smaak van De Keyser', 'Sara'), Simone Milsdochter (gast part in 'Flikken', 'Witse', 'Recht op recht'), Maarten Goffin ('Vermist', 'Thuis'), Gene Bervoets ('Kinderen van Dewindt', 'De zaak Alzheimer', 'Loft', 'De SM-rechter') and Pieter Embrechts ('De smaak van De Keyser', 'W@=d@').

Jimmy Simons ('Kinderen van Dewindt', 'Goesting'), Luc Gadisseur ('Thuis', 'Kinderen van Dewindt'), Dirk Nielandt ('Witse') en Patrick Kreydt ('LouisLouise')

directed by:
Stef Desmyter ('Katarakt') en Rik Daniëls ('Flikken', 'Thuis')

Stef Wouters


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