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Christoph Broich @ the Chicago History Museum

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press: Chicago Suntimes about the esposed outfit of Christoph Broich given by Gillion Carrara


She is: Director of the Fashion Resource Center at the School for the Art Institute.

She donated: An afternoon ensemble by German-born designer Christoph Broich.

What attracted her to the dress: I fell in love with it because of the way it was constructed. He took white cloth and used pins to create pockets, sleeves and pleats. He steamed the garment flat and then silk screened it black. When he removed the pins, the fabric fell open to reveal areas of white. He created a pattern by concealing part of it. Those who don't love avant-garde think it's strange. Those who do, love it.

Parting with a prized possession: I wore it so much, I finally thought 'OK, people have seen me in that uniform of mine, let's give it up.' 

more: http://mobile.suntimes.com/suntimes

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a nice link from the Chicago History Museum:

how to pronounce the names 
e.g. Christoph Broich: Kree-stoff  Broish (same oi as in ‘coin’)

for other click:  http://blog.chicagohistory.org/index.php/2008/10/what-a-m...

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TIMEOUT Chicago:

“A testimony of the Dutch deconstruction aesthetic of the ’90s and today.”
The dress Silk crepe two-piece ensemble created by Belgian designer Christoph Broich in 2004
The woman Gillion Carrara, professor and director of the School of the Art Institute’s Fashion Resource Center
Where she wore it The Carrie Donovan look-alike wore this everywhere, from dinner and fashion shows to teaching classes.



all info about the exhibition: http://chicagohistory.org/planavisit/exhibitions/chic-chi...


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