same material, different manner of working

Joyce Caris presents a very interesting work in latex in the course of the last years exhibition of the Royal Academie of Fine Arts Antwerp (Zonstraat 20-24).
The installation reminds of an anatomy room in the university of medical sciences. The latex sculptures are made in moulds taken from persons and children's dolls. Single bodily parts from different people are put together in showboxes: a box for ears, a box for noses and another one for penisses...

Joyce Caris 'A Perfect Skin', 2007

In contradiction to that Christoph Broich creates sculptures. He put the latex (in combination with fabric and other materials) over the sculptures and destroys them when the work is ready.
Lara5835Christoph Broich 'Lara', 2005

Christoph Broich will be presented with his latest project 'Voluptuous Panic'  in a solo-exhibition from 5 July till 4 august 2007 at Envoy, New York 
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